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About Us

The PHINSGIFTS story....

All about the Phins since 1985..

Phinsgift owner in Miami Dolphins clothes circa 1985

Yep, that's me, the CEO in the picture.I was about 12 at the time, and even then was "MIAMI DOLPHIN," mad.

As a Brit, growing up in the UK during the '80s, Football was just getting started with us, but I just got it, loved it, and especially loved the passing game.

Back in ’85, loving the passing game, there was only one team to follow, and love! Watching THE GOAT(!) DAN MARINO was just inspiring, and I’ve been a passionate FINSFANS ever since!

The Miami Dolphins are my favourite team in ANY sport, in fact they're pretty much my favourite thing, in general, so I wanted to make my passion my living.

I created “,” as a fashion label inspired by my love of THE MIAMI DOLPHINS!

I saw lots of 3rd party brands creating products trying to copy the "style," of my beloved team, but not really connecting with The Miami Dolphins fans. They'd also charge hundreds of "$,"s for their products.

I thought I could do better.

Firstly as I genuinely LOVE the Miami Dolphins, but also as all these products are unique, and designed EXCLUSIVELY for this store and concept.

Thirdly as I believe I know great designers, and am an entrepreneur looking to earn enough to go see my beloved team more! ;) 

We are very careful to not infringe, or steal, the Dolphin's or NFL's, copyright or IP (intellectual property)

You won't find anything with the OFFICIAL Miami Dolphins logo on it, nor will you find the words "MIAMI," and "DOLPHINS," which also are protected by TRADEMARK by the Miami Dolphins, on any of our clothing or footwear.  

Of course that will put a lot of you off buying anything from this store.

I understand! 

However, ALL "FINSLOVE," "'72 Collection," PHINSGIFTS footwear or merchandise look GREAT with the OFFICIAL gear of the MIAMI DOLPHINS so there's room for all! 

We'd ENCOURAGE you to buy official merch, but of course also buy PHINSGIFTS.COM merch, which COMPLEMENTS those products beautifully?  

The Lightbulb "footwear," moment...

The commercial idea came to me when I was looking for Miami Dolphin, trainers, or footwear, but just couldn’t find any?!

Actually that’s not true there are a few official trainers, usually in black (not Dolphins colours,) which I didn't like. NIKE also produced a Dolphin Air Max a few years ago, but they were about $200, and I can't find them anymore?!

After spending ‘00s of $ on legal fees to make sure we wouldn’t be confused with the official NFL, or Dolphins, we are ready to launch.

Trying to put our love of the Miami Dolphins into words, and to create our own logo/brand was difficult, especially to avoid any confusion with the Dolphins own brand, but we finally came up with a great mix of both style, and sentiment in our trademarked phrase “Finslove…It’s in the blood!!,” and our HELIX logo, also trademarked. 

We wanted to give Fins fans the “finishing touches,” of their Match day/draft day/training camp clothing, by focusing on creating an extensive footwear collection inspired by the team's colours, which was affordable, comfortable, and stylish whether you’re a Finsfan or not.

Phinsgifts was born!

With the idea in mind, we went about searching for producers, and found two great ones in the USA whose range is extensive, and very high quality. We then worked to apply our own brand, which you see throughout the product range.


Once the shoes were created, we then looked into creating other "FINSLOVE," products, merging with the classic "KEEP CALM........" range made famous in WWII! A little bit later on, we created what we have to admit is our FAVOURITE range, the "'72," COLLECTION, remembering STILL THE ONLY PERFECT/UNBEATEN team in modern NFL HISTORY!!!


Yep, that's me with "TD" in Miami (Dolphins vs Bengals 2013?) with a lot less hair, and many more years on the clock. is a small company based in The United Kingdom, but have big ambitions to expand our range, and service.

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Thank you for shopping here, and of course don't forget.........FINSLOVE...IT'S IN THE BLOOD! 

 Jeremy (Jezz) Grainger, Novordium Ltd, and Owner of


"You had me at the small-print!"...

As you can see throughout the store we are NOT licensed, or endorsed by THE MIAMI DOLPHINS or the NFL, and no affiliation is claimed.

ALL our FINSLOVE, & '72 Collection products are created to be UNIQUE, and are available exclusively to THIS STORE.  

Great care and expense has been made to ensure this store complies with Intellectual property, copyright and trading laws. Indeed we have Trademarked both "FINSLOVE...IT'S IN THE BLOOD!!" and the DNA HELIX to ensure we protect our rights.

Our parent company Novordium Ltd is also a registered Data Handler in the UK, ensuring Phinsgifts complies with ALL DATA protection laws in the UK.