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EUROPEAN UNION CUSTOMERS trades from The United Kingdom. 

We use high quality suppliers and manufacturers from around the world, but currently all our high quality footwear is produced OUTSIDE the EU (European Union). 

Those suppliers ship or post direct to you, our customers, and as such at this time EU customers MAY be required to pay VAT/sales tax upon receipt of their goods.

"VAT," or SALES TAX is applied to the vast majority of goods which come into the European trade union from the rest of the world, and these charges are NOT reflected in our store prices, as we trade around the world, and VAT/Tax rules differ outside the EU. 

ALL countries within the European Union have different VAT rates, but UK goods attract a 20% tax rate. Therefore when purchasing anything in this store from within the UK, you should expect to pay a 20% VAT  charge upon receipt of your goods. 

Other European Union countries have other rates of VAT. 

There may also be administrative charges added by European postal services. 

We appreciate that this may be off putting for our European Customers, and are looking into streamlining our young company to, whilst abiding by all trade and tax laws, reduce the financial and practical burden for you, our customers.  

We are writing this in October 2020, and are still unsure of how Great Britain's relationship with the EU will be affected after it has LEFT the European Union. 

We apologise sincerely for this current situation. 9th October 2020